Who are we and what are our principles?

We are a 100% Romanian brand, a chain of restaurants that aims to reinvent the concept of fast food, inspired by Greek cuisine. We create unique and diverse recipes, putting our own stamp on each dish. We use fresh ingredients and give our own interpretation to classic Greek recipes, boldly combining tastes and flavours in products that have already become legendary. Once tasted, never forgotten.

What are we aiming for?

Our vision is to awaken in people the desire to fight for their dreams.

Spartan’s mission is to provide an extraordinary taste experience by reinventing brilliant and unique recipes, impeccably prepared, served quickly and with a smile on your face, to awaken your inner potential.

How exactly do we want to do this?

At Spartan we are so obsessed with taste and quality that perfection is second nature to us and we strive for it in everything we do. We don’t believe in compromise when it comes to the quality of ingredients or customer service.

We are guided in everything we do or say by 10 values